Thursday, 22 March 2012

balloon tent - tresure

I am not in the greatest mood today but i don't want my mood to contaminate the boys so i came up with this for Eli. This is a simple but sweet idea, its perfect for my 1 year old. I have a play tent (if you don't have one a fort made from blankets would work great too) i filled it with a packet of balloons. The balloons weren't filled up heaps to conserve my breath, a packet can give you a bit of a head spin its a lot of puffing. I confess i was checking face book while blowing them up.

 Eli sat in the tent while i shoved more and more balloons through the little doors. Giggles, bit of clapping and a lot of 'ha ballloooon' from Eli. He sat there for a while with a very content smile on his face, he also had a lollipop as a reward, we had just got home from his swimming class, and so he thought he was the cat that had got the cream.
this is blurry white becauyse i was looking through the little window at the top of the tent.
balloons and lollypop = cheeky bliss face

I reminded him that you can bat balloons into the air, he then went a bit bonkers, scattering balloons every where stomping on them (falling over) and lastly leaping into the tent, adrenalin junkie with no regard for his own safety tile floors are not your friend little guy. Sweet and simple, in a few days time I'm going to ind sad shrivelled floppy fish balloons everywhere. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend love sassy .

Mr think im invincible!

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  1. I'm thinking we should do ballon paintings with our sad & shriveled ones and i have some old swipe/key cards to use too ( after the house inspection that is) !



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