Friday, 9 March 2012

Pet + kids - friday finds

Hi, most of the people we know with kids also have pets. Personally i loved growing up with lots of animals and it helped me to learn a lot of life lessons. My hubby is very much an animal person too and so we have got a number of pets, whats really important is the relationship between my boys and their pets. They have to be kind and gentle with pets, their pets all have different personalities and the kids have to learn that too. They have a friend whenever they need one, griffen will always soak up a pat, Jett is always keen for a game of ball or a jump on the trampoline, he even has the odd slippery slide with the kids. Zephyr is very tolerant of squashes and he will happily be hand fed bikkies. And the fish? they are always pretty to look at.

Growing Up With Pets
Growing Up With Pets Relationship2
 I found this great site to help me with some of the questions and things involved in raising kids with pets. One of the things I'm keen to try out is walking the dog with 2 leads so the kids can help you! Flynn is always busting to walk Jett and be in charge, i think this could really work for us. I also really liked the printouts. Hope its useful for you too, love sassy. (ps, my boys are watching puss in boots very appropriate )

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