Saturday, 10 March 2012

Ice Eggs with a surprise - thinking cap

Ice Egg Surprise

You will need, balloons, cheap cleaning sponges, food colouring and glitter and a little funnel will help too. Cut Some shapes out of your sponges, if your stuck for ideas you can always draw around cookie cutters.

Put 2 fingers into the balloon and pull in open with other hand shove the little sponge shape (or 2 shapes) in. Then if you want a bit of colour and glitter put the balloon onto the funnel and drop in the colour and glitter. Then fill with water until you have an egg shape, tie knot. Put them in the freezer till they harden up.

I took 4 out at a time and placed them in a plastic tub. You can give your kids some water to help melt the ice, or some tools to smash them. My boys loved the magic of discovering what was in their eggs and they enjoyed figuring out how to get them out. Then once hatched the little sponge shapes become water toys that they can continue to play with. Enjoy the fun and beauty of surprise ice eggs, were going to do this again for Easter with chicken and rabbit shaped sponges.
love sassy

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  1. These are so lovely and would be wonderful to play with in the hot weather.



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