Wednesday, 14 March 2012

kids art conversion - tresure

What to do with all the art your child makes, the colouring in the paintings?
I posted this puppet on a stick idea for colouring in, and today i had a stack of kids artwork i was tiding up and wondered what to do with it all. I put some up on their bedroom walls, and some into a special folder for them to keep and the rest, well today i chose a couple to turn into cards. I cut out rectangles from an abstract painting and colouring in drawing that Eli and i had done together, it was too nice to throw away, a bit random to put on his wall but perfect for cards. I buy blank cards from a cheap store and keep them to make cards, i just glued down bits and voila ready for nice letters or birthday's. I also took one of pepper pig and makka pakka and cut them out, glued, perfect for little friends birthday's.

When they are dry i will put them in a draw and then they are all ready the next time i need a card it's sorted. Easy Peasy and if your feeling up to it you can let your kids so the cutting and pasting, creates another activity.
love sassy

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