Wednesday, 7 March 2012

youve got mail - kids write letters

Sending Mail
Every one loves to get mail ( except bills ). I am thinking the best way to get mail sent to us is to send some mail ourselves. So i got both boys and we made some little notes for some friends and family i left it up to Flynn to choose who he'd like to make notes for. We used some of the fun foam stickers they got for Christmas and some cardboard shapes grandma gave them. i let them decorate the envelopes with stickers too and told them all about putting addresses on so the post man could find their friends houses.
We know that our friends enjoyed receiving the mail and posting letters notes or cards is something we try to do regularly but id like to do it more often!

Receiving mail
I printed out some colouring sheets from the web of some of the boys favourite shows. Then i popped them into an envelope when they weren't hanging around, addressed them and used a stamp pad and stamps to finish them off. I placed them in our letter box and after Kindy Flynn was so surprised and excited to get mail. Eli was happy with his In the night garden pictures. As it happened Flynn also received a parcel from his aunt this week, for no reason just because she can. Again very very exciting and made him feel really special. So receiving mail boosts their self esteem, I'm going to send them mail more often x x x

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  1. Love this. Mail is always so much fun for a kid.



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