Thursday, 1 March 2012

table of paper - treasure

Eli has been caught a lot stealing the texta's off the arts n crafts table. This boy has a creative itch that needed scratching. Not satisfied with a4 printer paper, or the cheap n cheerful big scrap book i bot them he will draw on anything. If you can't beat em, join em. Cover your coffee table, or dining table in paper, stick it together. I need to go and get an end of roll paper from our local newspaper that would have been really easy. But instead i had a roll of very cheap and nasty baking paper that i had decided was really no good for cooking. Sticky tape it doen to your table, place a container of pens in middle and its perfect for felt tip pen mayhem!

 The boys both did a bit of drawing, Eli was beside himself with joy he kept pulling an 'OH wow' face he spent ages drawing while Flynn played 'wheres my water'. After much drawing, pen tapping and twinkle star singing and  star drawing Eli  had, had enough and got more interested in throwing the pens than drawing with his mumma. He left to go jump on the trampoline, Flynns computer time was up so i coaxed him down to the coffee table drawing board. He needs a lot more encouraging to draw these days, but after i drew some dragon looking creatures and a awful knight he happily coloured in and made up a story to go with the picture. A lovely way to spend one on one time with my boys and i love how having an entire table top lets drawings and stories sprall nad spill out.

i hope you like this simple idea and try it out in your house, love sassy

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