Thursday, 8 March 2012

5 furry babies - only human

So Griffen appeared on Monday night to have her dinner, i took one look at her and "omg shes had her kittens!" hubby "what how do you know?" me"look how skinny she is! where do you think the kittens are?" followed by a rushed check of all rooms and backyard, shed and sign of the kittens. So we got the boys down from the dinner table, they had long finished and were desperatly shouting at us that they had finished their desert. I look at Griffen again, by this time she too has scoffed her dinner and Zephyr's (don't feel bad for him he was sharing the dogs). Ok well maybe its like when i was preggers and the baby dropped into position? maybe? clearly I'm an expert of cat birth. She was showing a bit of blood (sorry) so we agreed that she would definitely be having them tonight.
We resume life as normal, bath the kids, get the kids out dried Flynn about to dry Eli, i tell Flynn "go to your room find a pair of undies and put them on" like i tell him every night. Off he goes followed by his daddy, "MUMMY MUMMY COME LOOK!" frantic excitement as this is repeated very fast again and again. When Eli and i walk into Flynn's room Hubby looks at me and says "She has had her kittens alright!". There in Flynn's wardrobe inside the plastic tub full of undies and socks is Griffen and 5 little kittens.

I understand that Flynn's undies tub meant she didn't have to bother making a nest it was already taken care of, and i get that it was a nice dark, often air conditioned choice. But really Flynn's room it's not ideal to have kittens in a 4 year olds bedroom he is not going to leave you alone! and you know at some point i will have to re-locate you! However that little boy was so incredibly touched and grateful that you chose his room to have your babies in, he is now calling them his kittens, clearly they were born in his room so they are his. He was also incredibly sweet as he leaned over the tub and told Griffen what a good girl she was and followed it with this "hello little kittens, my name is Flynn whats your names...pause...oh you don't know your names do you? i will just call you Griffens kittens" the last bit went up a little shrill as he got so excited just thinking about them. bless his heart. Awesome job Griffen, 5 babies in one go my hat goes of to you miss. love sassy

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