Friday, 2 March 2012

a jumbly jam of birds - thinking cap

One of my son's  most favourite books of all time is The Nickle Nackel Tree by Lynly Dodd. He has loved it from about 6 months of age, maybe because i make a lot of bird noises? maybe because its a counting book, or maybe because of the colourful pictures. The story rocks, i love it too. To celebrate my love for it were making some birds!

you will need to keep some toilet rolls or rolls from the alfoil or baking paper ect. I took a piece of baking or grease proof paper and cut slits into it stopping 3/4 of the way up(depending on the size of the cylinder you have. )  i then did the same with some coloured cellophane, tissue paper, wrapping paper would also work. Put the 2 kinds of paper together, then wrap them around the toilet roll, sticky tape into place.  I then taped on some feathers for wings and a bit of cardboard for a fave and beak. Draw on some eyes, there you have it a fun bird to send into the sky. My son loved the rattly noise of the tail and he immediately threw it like it was a paper aeroplane. I attached a string to it so he could whoosh it and run with it. We then made a few more using whatever materials we could find. (they look like they belong on playshool )

tweet tweet love sassy

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