Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Money Tree - only human

Money tree, money tree, where for art thou money tree?

I have searched for you high and low of late,

Ever elusive but I stay determined to the task.

I have been the seeker, faced the monster

and gone window to window looking for little signs.

Alas still you are not mine.

Money tree, money tree, where ever could you be?

The worries of my world weigh on my shoulders

Sleep vexes me, I flip and flop thoughts too dark and deep

I have seen the red, and counted the last few coins for bread

And gone over the numbers again in my head

Alas tree you are hard to find

Money tree, money tree, where did you go?

I have had seedlings before, quite delicate and small

But neglected they shrivelled and died

I have sacrificed, wailed, moaned and cried

And believe the mortgage is more mouthful than I can chew

Alas tree how I wish for thee

Money tree, money tree, where for art thou money tree?

The search is not over; I will track you and hunt you

In the meantime I’ll suck it up, be frugal and tight

And soldier on fighting the good financial fight

Alas tree your days are numbered

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