Thursday, 1 December 2011

going tropo - only human on humpday

Its hot, its too hot, its too going bonkers...oh no im going tropo. This is something we say about many a tourist when they hit the heat they go a little crazy, they go tropo. We even used to have a night club in cairns called tropo's, which many a local has an interesting story from there, the club is gone but the tropo madness remains. Im going crazy because its hot i have no patience, im sweaty and thats ick, i stick to the chairs when i get up, more ick, if i can't find my deoderant for the day(this happened on monday) i smell horrid and i resort to spraying my expensive perfume on my armpits instead. ick!!! my kids are sweaty and so they are getting heat rash, so every night its a lovely scented pinotarsil bath, mmm clinical smelling.
We have bought air con for the bedrooms but we have to wait till fingers crossed this saturday to get them all installed properly...i can't wait till then. Neither could my other half who purchased the loud fan, well he shopped again and this time we got a portable air con. It fits in the window of our bedroom, and our 1 year old is sleeping in our bed till he gets his own air con, my spine is way out of line as i sleep hunched up on the very side of the bed as Eli stretches out between us, we make spell the letter H in human form. Ahhh im not sleeping great but thank goodness little Eli is. Flynn has nick named the portable air con 'r2d2' like the star wars robot, and now the boys fight over turning it on during the day. Sanity only come in the form of hiding in here with a stack of kids books, the ipad. However once the books have run out or the ipad gets fought over one too many times i then become very interesting, i see the thought flash through their eyes, mummy is play equipment, and then im bounced on wrestled with bitten, jumped on tickled poked and squashed. And then its no longer bliss full to be in air con.

I am exhausting every idea i have to get them to play with water, we are doing very little in the middle of the day when its hottest, we are going out and about just to walk around in the shops air conditioned comfort, or the library's. And we are not alone, everyone is hunting coolness at this time of year.
My kids are driving me nuts, because i have no slither of patience left i am not coping with the begging from Flynn and the hundreds of questions or the constant need to be sitting on me. I am not dealing with Eli's constant demands at the fridge, i am happy to feed him, but he yells at me till the food hits his mouth, he has no time to let me prepare anything, he wants it NOWWWWWWWWWWWW!!! I am not dealing with the longer time its taking me to get him to sleep for naps and at night, Its like having a hot water bottle on my lap, a wriggly one. But most of all i can not stand that the boys are being snippy with each other, they are also hot and grumpy just like me so they don't want to share nicely and they don't want the other to play with what they saw first.
I tell you i am going crazy. Thankfully my hubby caught me having a pity party for myself the other night when he came home from work and i do feel a lot better. Yesterday i had my mum help all day and evening. Im feeling a lot saner but as i type this i know im still grumpy than usual. Why is it everywhere we go at the moment there is pictures of people in the should be pictures of santa in budgie smugglers next to a swimming pool with a hat and sunnies and a very large tropical drink. think i might go make one of those right now for myself.....hope your weather isn't sending you batty like me.

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  1. luv you x x perhaps hang an upside down sprinkler as a carwash to drive through, or rig up some pipe with holes drilled in it and the hose as a carwash....... will try think of some water ideas for you x



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