Wednesday, 14 December 2011

the impossible christmas and friday finds

Christmas time, i long for a Christmas that can never be, except in neverland wherever that may be.
I think of it often the Christmas that I'd like with a great big gathering, sleekly wrapped gifts a perfectly preened tree, a feast of fine foods and all of the family together. I feel the miles between my family so keenly at Christmas, i wonder what it would be like to have all the little cousins together on Christmas morning, sharing their new toys and sense of wonder. The world is still so big, and plane trips still cost a lot. I imagine chatting over a nice glass of wine with my siblings and laughing at the annual jokes in the Christmas crackers, and us chuckling at my petite mums paper Christmas hat as it slides down over her eyes. We all do so love it when little mum wears hats, haha. But worst of all i long for the family that are gone to come back and see what a wonderful family they are missing, oh I'm sure on some level their spirit know this but its not the same and it's no consolation that another Christmas has rolled around and they aren't here. I miss them, it hurts, i accidentally come across what would have been a perfect gift for them, a stunning red and white outfit for my mother in law and the perfect adventure book for my dad. It has been years and still it hurts when for a split second you actually look at those items and think yes I'm so going to get that for them, then it floods back, oh wait there is no point. Grief comes in waves even with so much time elapsed. They never got to see their grandchildren open any presents on Christmas, they never knew and that makes me saddest of all. The tears are here.

Not for long reality just came back, had to go rescue the neighbour from my Houdini escapee dog.

I know that we will have a lovely Christmas and the family that is here will get together and it will be a nice cold lunch outside on the veranda with drinks and lots of play. grown ups snoozing in the afternoon as kiddies play and watch Christmas specials on tv. The tree is decked out with all the ornaments huddled on the top of the tree, a few lie on the floor eli's been busy with them. The presents will look a bit like santa had a few too many wines when he wrapped them up. It will be blisteringly hot, or monsoon rain will be falling. The paddle pool will be used by more than just the little ones, and it will overflow, the rat bag dog will probably go for a paddle aswell. There will be smiling faces and lots of fun. But i can't help but wonder what Christmas is like for the big families that all get together.
I am going to make the most of the loved ones and hug them extra tight when they arrive on Christmas day, and for the ones far away look for us on skype we will don our silly Christmas hats and show and tell our gifts x x love my family and i hope that you all have the most magical and fun Christmas ever. x x sassy

This friday im just choosing 1 find and its shows the best of peoples christmas spirit.
The wishing tree @ kmart
My mum and I put a gift under the wishing tree every year. I think its important to give to others even strangers as after all christmas is about giving, and its nice to play at santa. We like to choose gifts for older boys as according to the salvo's they are often the forgotten ones in the gift drive. So last year it was a skate board, this year im thinking basketball?
lets all make christmas good for everyone, merry christmas

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