Wednesday, 7 December 2011

feling brighter - only human on humpday

Ok so whilst its still extremely hot things are looking up and heres why

  1.  air con has been installed in 2 bedrooms. These are my new sanctuary if you are looking for me that's where ill be for the next 3 or 4 months. I put mt. washmore away in the cool air yesterday, wow ever horrid chores are great so long as they are in the cool.
  2.  have had some lovely catch ups with good finds. hallelujah for adult conversation.
  3.  have read 3 books in one week. yay. i love books and its the simplest ans best way to look after myself. As an added bonus its inspired Eli to look at books he is now obsessed with books, 2 weeks ago he couldn't be bothered with them now hes madly pointing at books and demanding to be read to. That makes me extremely happy.
  4. its beginning to look a lot like Christmas at our place, i finally got our tree up! and a few other decorations
  5. I've got almost all the Christmas shopping finished i just have one tricky great grandmother to organise! I think shes going to get a magazine subscription.
  6. Andrew and i have decided on a new way to tackle our biggest sons emotional breakdowns about the computer. and so far so good the system is working and there are fewer tears. The screen time thing is always a difficult balancing act. I remember before we had flynn we didn't even own a tv (we had computers coz were nerds) people would walk into our place and know something was missing would take them about 10 mins then they'd ask where our tv was.
  7. Lay by for Christmas was picked up and im looking forward to Christmas morning so much!! i love spoiling my boys. not something i can often afford to do.
  8. I got some photos of the boys printed and popped them in frames they are on the walls, hiding my bessa brick walls is always fantastic.
  9. I splurged a whole $30 on myself, some new cheap clothes, summer clothes. retail therapy.
  10. Finally hubby isn't putting in so many after work hour jobs and favours and thats really a reason to smile.

Just need to finish christmas sewing and it will all be good. 
Hope your week is bright and happy too!!!
 I would love to hear what you have been doing this week
love sassy

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