Wednesday, 28 December 2011

tuesday treasure - sight words discovery bottle

sight words discovery bottle
When i was first introduced to the land of blog i saw some discovery bottles and i liked the idea. My Dylan is 3 and all year he has been interested in reading so i thought this was a great idea. We read a lot of books and he asks about the words i have found this website an endless supply of inspiration and references.
I did a google search on sight words to learn what they were and did a Microsoft exel sheet of them which we printed and laminated - do the words double sided so that there is a word each side when it surfaces to sight in your discovery bottle otherwise you can end up with blanks if you do it only on one side ( this was what i learnt doing the project )
fill your bottle with other objects substance to have the words move around in eg. coloured rice, coloured barley, wallpaper glue with glitter ( i want to do this one) marbles, sand etc.
we dyed with food colouring some barley and we used some stars and fluff.
don't overfill your bottle you need a couple of c.m's of space to move and rotate your contents so the words come to the top.
love noni

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