Monday, 12 December 2011

more handmade christmas paper - tuesday treasures

The first idea is super simple and perfect for very little people. Eli had a lovely time painting but being so little doesn't fill up the page. So i butterfly printed his picture and he even helped me smooth out the paint when it was folded in half. It turned out very pretty.

He did try to eat the paint brushes more than once. looked like he'd been eating smurfs.

The Second is really fun and the effect is awesome. You really can only get this to work with fairly thick paint, so acrylic paint is perfect. Fill the page up with generous amount of paint then lay over the top cling wrap or plastic bags and gently scrunch it so it looks creased. Leave to dry, then when its dry and you peel off the cling wrap you end up with a lovely scrunched looking paint.

The next one would work fantastic on cards too, take pva glue and draw shapes onto the page. Let the glue dry, this may take overnight. Then to encourage my son to fill up the page with colour i put blobs of paint all over the page, he loves spreading them around and try to blend them together. Voila a 3d paper that looks great.

Home made paper can sometimes be thick to wrap with so you may need to use a really strong tape or lots of it, but i think its well worth it. Flynn is very proud when people ask him if he made the paper.  We hope you have fun making some wrapping paper, we sure did love sassy


  1. What a creative idea! I've got the boys doing drawing today, but this is something they could have fun with too. They're never too old to enjoy getting messy with paint.

  2. we did some stensils must post my photos on fb wanted to do potatoe stamps but didnt have big enuogh spuds. i think i enjoyed thee process the most :D



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