Monday, 5 December 2011

Playing house - tuesday treasure and friday find combined

This week i watched a video from Made By Joel and thought, i can so make one of those a bit doggy in comparison but its not like my boy is going to play with a dolls house a lot. So out came the box we had picked up at the local hardware store, its a habit of flynns to choose a box at each visit. we go there a lot because, my husband is obsessed with the hardware shop, and because we have a house in need of major revamping, so box collecting is part of motivating flynn to enjoy the frequent trips. Anyway i put christmas paper up for wallpaper. Popped a paint chip up for a window (i collect paint chips im always daydreaming about painting this house) some napkin for curtains, bit of cardboard cut and rolled into a fancy lantern light. A bit of egg carton and fabric scraps made a bed, another fabric scrap made a carpet. some bottle cap and cardboard for chairs, peanut butter lid table. Cut one end off a water cracker box with cut in one side for doors made a great wardrobe. A tissue box and some cardboard made a garage, a must for any blokes house. Cut out some dvd adds for artworks on the wall. And randomly plonked a couple of tubes above the garage, rain water tanks??? or whatever.

very cosy

garage big enough for a fire engine
Now here's how he played with it, this was definitely not my idea of playing 'house', he hid people in various places, the wardrobe the rain tanks in the garage, they then yelled and shouted till a fireman arrived to rescue them. It then morphed into a hide and seek game where people were being jammed into the lantern, because its a cage mummy and ahh hes going to get him! Naughty boy hasn't gone to bed mum and hes hiding. What the? note to self don't put figurine of naughty Norman price from fire man sam into the play house. Another note to self, hes a blokey boy he was never going to act out a family least he played with it, that is when he wasn't yelling at his younger brother for nicking the milk bottle chairs and pulling them apart. Yet another note, it needs a skate ramp.
I would love to know how your kids play with toy houses.

ok so here's a few more inspiring house creations

made by joel
dos family

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