Thursday, 1 December 2011

Car Wash - thinking cap thursday

 How do you encourage a kid when its hot to play with water, when they don't want to?
My boys are no longer interested in playing in the paddle pool as we have been doing it so much at the moment that they need a little more encouragement to get wet. Its so hot they really need to play in the water lots! so we have discovered playing at washing cars.
 Flynns car wash is put together with 2 very large buckets of bubbley water different sponges floating in these buckets. The slip n'slide set up so he can roll the cars, bikes, wheelbarrow and so forth onto it and wash them. I also put the watering can nearby, he didn't use it today he went for the sponges but perhaps tomorrow he will.

Once finished he pushed them out into the sun to dry. I also had the paddle pool set up incase he wanted to submerge some things, his little brother was asleep so no submerging happened thats really eli's style. I think this activity is great because it gets my boy outside activly doing things even on a hot day, and it also encourages him to take care of his wheely toys, and he likes the role play aspect, he sees daddy washing the cars. He even told me he was polishing the dump truck!
i will have him washing my car next! love sassy

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