Monday, 23 January 2012

Play Sushi - tuesday treasure

Step 1. Make rice play dough, i found adding about a cup of rice to the play dough worked really well, and unlike the lentils and seeds i tried in lumpy bumpy play dough the rice stayed in the mix really well (must be a shape thing). I added the cup of rice once i had combined the dough. (basic play dough recipe) Colour wise i chose white for the rice and i was inspired by wasabi its a fantastic green!

Step 2. Found some green cellophane, i cut up the cellophane and wrapped up play dough dough like sushi rolls. Decorated with coloured sticks and sequins and so on. I cut out what i thought was cute little cake looking things. Gave him some chopsticks, a pair of tongs a Asian style soup spoon and voila a tray of pretty sushi inspired food.

Step 3. let child lose on it. He unwrapped, decorated pretend ate, dished up and generally really enjoyed the imaginative food play. My floor didn't enjoy it so much but i think the littler brother was to blame for most of the mess. Who cares about mess if you get a chance to clean the windows uninterrupted I'm going to make the most of it!

Sushi play dough tick, big success.  love sassy


  1. That is fantastic. I am going to try this with my girls, they love eating sushi but I bet they like this even better. Inspired! I am pinning this.

  2. This is SO fabulous!! I thought I'd thought of all the play dough ideas, but CLEARLY not! Lol. totally genius. Thanks so much for linking it up! I am going to feature it as one of my favourites this week!



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