Thursday, 19 January 2012

Sweet Apps - friday finds

I recently got a new phone, and so now I'm on the look out for great apps. We also have a ipad that my boy 4 is allowed to play on, so i like collecting great games for that too. After a few conversations about apps with friends i realise that apps can really befit mums. Id would love to know what apps y'all recommend.

so on my phone I'm loving (and my phone is a samsung but iphone have all the same sort of thing)
  • the flashlight app
  • retro camera (pinhole camers and more love love love this one)
  • picsart (photo editor)
  • lightbox photos (photo editing)
  • movies (this tells me whats at the box office and whats coming up)
  • the supermarkets have apps that let me input my shopping lists and then tell me where to find it in my local store
  • Shazam (identifies what songs are playing, by taking a sound bite very clever)
  • word search (game)
  • Tetris
  • Pinball (omg in old school)
  • p tracker ( this tracks my period, i know not totally necessary but very helpful when your a scatterbrain like me. This also tells you when your ovulating ladies who are wanting babies)
  • Remember the milk. This one is great for my post baby brain its never been the same
  • Most major banks have apps too.
  • smart tools, i don't have this one but its one for my dh, it measures everything, + compass
there are lots of different fitness apps depending on your style of exercise
lots of budget apps
there's one called baby bump that will track your pregnancy. I don't know about you guys but second time around was no where near as good at knowing what week i was up to.

you can also get scientific calculators (free) which would be great for school kids and mums helping with homework, or nerds :)

And i discovered through a friend that there's an app to help you keep track of feeding your baby, where was that when i was breast feeding!!!

Ok onto the game world of the ipad and my son and i love

  • Angry birds, Angry birds reo, Angry birds seasons
  • bugged (squash the bugs even eli 1 can do this one)
  • the machine (the increadible machine) daddy & flynn fave
  • clicky sticky
  • sprinkle (fight the fires so fun)
  • shrek carting
  • playschool art maker
  • animalia
  • star wars
  • i hear ewe ( for the 1 year old)
  • create a car
  • farm flip
  • sonic
we also have puzzles and spot the difference and lots of interactive stories

ok hope you all have a fantastic time app-ing
love sassy

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