Tuesday, 31 January 2012

house painter - tuesday treasure

I saw  this post on lessons learnt journal and bearing the kiss theory in mind ( keep it short & simple )
this one is a beauty. You take a couple of buckets fill them with water then add food colouring and / or glitter, grab a house painting brush or two, and lead child to the outside. They can paint anything and its completely harmless no mess so they can paint the fence, the cubby, the house? Im going to set this up for littler boy this week, the photos are of a much smaller eldest boy flynn. He loves this i wonder if he will enjoy it at 4? i will let you know
love sassy


  1. Love it Sassy! I've pinned your idea on my new KISS play ideas board. http://pinterest.com/lljournal/kiss-play-ideas-keep-it-short-and-simple/

  2. Just dropping over from Playtime linky....i love doing this activity with my twins...they don't even need the food colouring, happy with just water!
    He looks like he is having so much fun!



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