Monday, 9 January 2012

happy birthday dad...only human on hump day

Dear Dad,

Happy birthday

It’s hard to believe you would have been turning 70. That’s a big one, would you have gone out to dinner somewhere nice, the French restaurant maybe? Couple of red wines. Buy yourself something extravagant as a present, new car perhaps. Can’t imagine you would have had a party you were never a real social kind of guy.

Let me fill you in on what you missed, we had a nice Christmas.  Very simple, the boys were the stars of the day. They got a trampoline from Santa. Flynn has worked out how to jump finally. Before he looked like a new foal all stiff legged and wobbly, now he has transformed into a little kangaroo Joey.  He got a bike too, with a siren on it, I can see you grinning at that, yes very noisy indeed.  Eli got a garbage truck he was driving it into the walls today and filling it up with blocks. They are such boyish boys, you would have liked the rough and tumble that goes on. The joy they have in cars, planes, trains, anything that moves or has an engine.  They love driving past the air port dad, sometimes I tell them that’s where grandad Chris worked. I tell Flynn you were a fixer, he doesn’t get it yet, how many grandparents he’s supposed to have, I know that talking about you is confusing for him at the moment. But I want him to know.

I have big plans this year to get into my studio, it’s all set up now.  I have got my oil’s out and my sewing machines set up, a designated zone for art and one for sewing. It needs tiding of course, but at least im working. Happy in my chaos. I want to set up a little online store this year, so put in a good word for me prosperity wise.

I have got all Flynn’s stuff ready for kindy, he’s growing so fast, it’s like being in warp speed. Was it like that for you? I bet the teen years dragged on a bit. I know the grunge phase wasn’t your fave, but it could have been a lot worse there are these people called emo’s now, so count your blessings.  Who knows what I have in store for me when these boys hit their teens. Feel free to bolster my strength anytime I look like I’m struggling.

I could really have used your knowledge in renovating this house, I want to put in some concrete paths. I remember watching you concrete i must have been very little, too little to remember anything useful sadly. I remember you smoothing it all out, and you plopping my feet in and leaving those footprints. That was a really nice thing to have done dad, i really enjoyed comparing my feet to those little footprints as I grew.

Its late now and I imagine you think I should call it a night. Just know that if you were here today i would be calling you ‘old man’ and making birthday cards with the boys and bringing you ridiculously over decorated with lollies cake, and hugging you tight.

Happy birthday old man love your littlest girl



  1. went for a walk in the forest next to a spring today thinking of you all day Dad. Oh how you would of teased me about the kids knocking the 2 cats of their pedal stool. I too tell Dylan @ Grandad chris working on planes and being able to fix everything. I hope you were with us on our heli ride the other day as i talk about you on those moments but think about you every day. lil miss grabby hands would break your heart and Dylan would have you talking! Its so sad that you werent able to stay to meet your grandchildren i hope you can view them from afar and can you put in a word for me about blessing me with more patience. love your eldest girl x x x

  2. oh noni thats beautiful x x sassy



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