Sunday, 4 September 2011

Play dough

See its squishy

2 cups plain flour
4 tbls cream of tartar
2 tbls oil
1 cup of salt
food colouring
2 cups of water if cooking, 1 cup if not cooking

warning cars get bogged

Cooking your play dough will make it last longer, especially in tropics. You can cook it in a saucepan on stove, or microwave for a min, stir and nuke for another min. I have found that cooking it intensifies the colour. Or you can use water from the kettle just use one cup, keep it in the fridge it will be fine. The non- cook form is often how I make it because I know the big boy will trash it fast, and that's great because it means hes enjoying it. You can jazz up your play dough by adding glitter, or fragrant oils, I tried adding mint leaves today but i didn't add enough to make the smell strong enough, I also grated the zest of a lemon into another batch and that worked really well. I think flower petals would work great too, especially if the child was helping to make the play dough.

Some play dough play tools
cookie cutters
plastic knives, forks
strips of cardboard (bend to make bridge)
garlic press
egg cartons
coloured or not match sticks (great 4 pretend birthday cake)
Popsicle sticks
old toy cars and people
leaves, sticks flowers, seed pods and pebbles
googley eyes

I would love to get more play dough ideas so please comment if your kiddies have any fave ways to play with dough, have fun.

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