Sunday, 29 January 2012

play with theirFood - thinking cap thursday + friday finds

Play with there food sometimes it gives them a giggle. I have resorted to this in the past to try and encourage my fussy bigger boy to eat but alas i don't think it makes hime eat much more than normal. However he loves it, in fact this week he told me i always make special pictures with his dinner, i asked if he liked that, yes mum its awesome.

counting yogurt

rabbit in forest

The blogsphere is full of fantastic bento box ideas for lunches, i find it really inspiring to see what some parents are doing with food to make their littlies smile.

meet the dubiens - bento boxes


kooky culinary

Bento #114 - Hearts & Rings  this site has a great weekly linky where you can get lots of bento lunch ideas!


Well i hope your feeling inspired to play with their food i know i am, look out flynnie tommors lunch is going to be playful. love sassy

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