Wednesday, 18 January 2012

tile paint - only human on humpday

Hi all,
hope your having a great week. So whats been going down in sassy town?
Well apart from taking my wedding dress out of the plastic wrapping, and having a little taste of what is to come trashing wise, look out dress i have organise with my mate to really give you a what else has happened ummm
Last week i had this idea that i could paint the tiles in my kitchen as they are so so so late 70's retro in a bad way. We had some chalk board paint left over from the kids cubby, and i thought hey can't make em any worse...might be a bit weird but black has got to be better than brown flowers. So i went to the garden shed that makes me all jumpy and paranoid about snakes, there was no snakes, i found the paint. I cracked the tin open, nice rubber blob of paint i jabbed at it with the screwdriver, " awesome sarah that's not going to paint anything ever" put the tin in the bin.
Kitchen just after we moved in i had already hit top shelves with paint,
 they were brown with black glass doors.

On The weekend i tell dh, I'm going to paint the tiles, I'm going to the hardware store I'm going to buy some tile paint, I'm giving you 5 mins to think about it. I go off google the hardware store paint section have small spas attack when i see that tile paint is $42 dollars for 1 liter, man i thought it would be pricey but id expected around the 25 to 30 dollar mark.
Go back to dh and say tile paint is exorbitant, "surely you have something left over that can do the job?" My hubby is a automotive spray painter by trade. "I don't care what colour it is, honey anythings going to improve the look"......Dh thinks and sighs a lot......
dh"i have a whole %^*&$# load of filling cabinet beige / baby poo"
me " i said i wanted to improve it, not make it worse, i don't care what colour it is but filing cabinet beige how about anything else, what about prelude blue? i know you have some of that left over...."
dh with reservation " lets go look in the shed"
me with bouncy enthusiasm  " yeah lets totally do this! lets pimp our kitchen"

So what he found amazingly was some left over off white, freaking perfect!!!!!
try and palm off his crappy poo coloured old land rover paint the cheek of my man.
not only did i have enough to paint the tiles, i decimated the lime green counter top and its tres tres chick teal coloured bench top on the opposite side of the kitchen. Stylish right tow hideous greens mismatched in one kitchen, but now they are shiny and white and modern looking yay. I also went over the cupboard doors. When we moved in these were wood panel dark brown and i hated them so much i slapped some ceiling paint over them. Big mistake as the kids scratched paint off in lovely random patterns. Well now the cupboards look nice and the car paint is super super tough and should be resistant to my son's picking little fingers. Just have to ignore the random flaws in the kitchen and bask in the now light filled space. Fantastic. I can make it through the next 6, 8, 12 months or however long it will take to come up with the cash to renovate the kitchen because this band aid solution totally transformed the space for the better.

yay for crazy sanity saving ideas.
love sassy
ps, paint fumes were fairly fantastic too





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