Monday, 16 January 2012

pegs can fly - tuesday treasure

Pegs turn up everywhere when you have kids and turn up in very random places when your out and about, I even see them on the beach.
I have started to pay more attention to the common old peg.
Dylan was playing with pegs on the deck with a box. He was lining them on on the side of the box, then he lifted up the side of the box and they all popped off flying through the air with a snap. He was delighted with this and repeated the peg flying game over and over. First he aimed them at the car parked below the deck but tired of going and getting them so then he went around the other side of his box and aimed them at the wall.
The next day we had the Frisbee out and then i saw the pegs getting attached to the side of that this time Pipi was grabbing at them with delight and they were popping off the side of the Frisbee.
We were hanging out washing in the conservatory and Dylan was handing me pegs the next thing he was on the floor with his handful laying them in a line counting them, i then suggested he get another handfuls and add them to his line and count his handful again. He was most impressed with how many he had grabbed in 2 handfuls and went back for more.
I have pondered doing a photographic essay of pegs in locations when i get a bit more me time.
love noni

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  1. How good are pegs? I keep finding them on the leaves of our plants - Cakey likes to'decorate' the garden.



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