Thursday, 12 January 2012

Dinosaurs outing - thinking cap thursday

Today i wanted to take the boys to the beach, i was about to grab some toys, and i stopped. I'm bored with the buckets spades and trucks i take to the beach so the kids probably are too. I went and looked at my boys for inspiration, they were watching tv ( very thankful for aircon and tv in middle of day ). They were watching the dinosaur train, so i decided to pack there dinosaurs, and only their dinosaurs.
It worked out really well, we made a nest, and a forest and a egg mound and a volcano! we used sticks for lava, Flynn has been absorbing everything in those dinosaur train episodes I'm surprised how much he knows about all things pre-historic. He used his imagination making different homes for the dino's and finding different things for them to eat. So next time your heading out on a little outing think twice about what toys you take, everyone might enjoy a change.



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