Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Kindy Open Day - Only human on humpday

Flynn turns four soon, very soon, and next year he goes to kindy 3 days a week. Until now hes been mine, all the time, hes never been in daycare. I do have a relaxed kid swap with a mate, i take her boy one day a week and another day she has Flynn. But as i said its relaxed and its only for a couple of hours. So kindy seems like a big deal its a real step of Independence for him. I am super excited for him as i know hes a very sociable little fellow (chatterbox) and he need the stimulation for his active mind. I also have the very normal mummy feelings of loss when i think about him going off to kindy, and that from hear on in other people will have some influence over him and his thinking. My house will be eerily devoid of chatter when hes not around, Eli is fairly noisy but is not the questions and chit chat of Flynn. I look forward to giving Eli a bit more 1 on 1 time, but i think hes going to miss his brother too.

I console myself that the kindy I'm sending him too is lovely, really really lovely. It had an open week this week where we could go and hang out and Flynn could get a taste of kindy. He was concerned that i would be leaving him, battles i can see i will face next year, but after a few mins he was lit up inside by the possibilities. So many things to do, so many toys, so many children to play with and class pets too. He painted, played blocks, play dough, watched the fish and spent ages observing the two mice. He ran around the playground the two massive shade trees and took in as much as his little eyes could handle. He loved it, we were only there for 1 hour and a half perhaps 2 hours, he did not want to leave. The teachers are really nice very friendly and went out of their way to go over a few things with us about next year. I think Eli wants to go to kindy too, he was just as busy as Flynn while we were there.

I have a few thoughts jumping around my head about the start of kindy, again its just normal mum stuff...how will i get him there on time, I'm always late for everything these days....i hope we get enough work to pay kindy fees....I have no freaking idea how to handle the lunch box thing, what do i send for my somewhat fussy eater....must make a list of all the kindy supplies he will need....crap what is it going to be like when i have school lists to buy? ..... must get name labels that don't wash off, must ask mummy friends about general label of stuff advise....must go over all kindy info with hubby, must therefore sit down with hubby and talk ! that is very difficult at the moment..... I can't believe hes been here on this earth for four years, what will life bring in the next four year?

I would love to get any tips about how to handle drop offs, i know my son this will be tricky for first few weeks, also lunch box food ideas. and if anyone has starting school, daycare, kindy stories they want to shear I'm totally listening x x x sassy

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