Thursday, 24 November 2011

advent drawing, thinking cap thursday

We made an advent picture this week, We sat down at the table, grandma, myself, Flynn and Eli and we coloured pasted things, put stickers on. We talked about Christmas and the things we were sticking down. We cut up a colouring in Christmas book from last year, some left over stickers and some wrapping paper from Flynn's birthday. It was a really nice family time exercise, and part of the discussion was about what Christmas is like here in cairns for us. Note our picture has Santa in his wintry outfit and then tropical fish swimming around the top. Well that's Christmas in a nut shell for us, its weird being surrounded by images of wintry things when for us its the hottest time of year, we have thunderstorms and rain instead. Some years we even have cyclones for Christmas. Its good to have that conversation with my kids so they understand that whilst they are going to see a lot of images of Christmas for us that's disjointed and really for us Christmas is about summer and heat lots of water play and cranking the airconditioning till it feels like snow.
Once the kids were in bed i put number cards over the picture with blu tac and they can slowly pull them off as December counts down, and we can talk more about our Christmas. Great for learning numbers, concept of days in the month and a great way to learn about there own world.
also its nice to build the excitement towards Christmas
love sassy

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  1. That is a lovely idea. I love the picture you all made together.



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