Thursday, 3 November 2011

Squirt the Flyer - Thinking Cap Thursday

Earlier in the week i had a play date with another almost 4 year old and they both like the angry bird game (grumpy birds Flynn calls it) on the ipad. Thinking about this and wanting to make a game they could play outside that had a similar feel i came up with putting some angry bees on my washing line. I cut them out of cardboard and added some yellow stickers for zing and handed the boys water free water pistols to pretend blast the naught angry bees.

 I left them on the line and today i thought i could turn it into a more exciting and potentially educational game. I cut out some other flying things, birds butterfly's and bats and hung them from the line. All were different colours, with different coloured stickers and I attached them to the line using a pipe cleaner, so they slide a bit in the wind. This time we filled the water pistols with water, and Flynn had to squirt at the ones we called out a colour or an animal. He had to think quick and observe which animals were there what colours they were and what colour spots they had, then co-ordinate that with squirting. He had to count how many were say blue and squirt them all. The more he squirted the more i pretended the bees got angry and i shook the washing line making it harder to squirt them, he giggled and laughed, i got squirted and so did he, it was fun. He had no idea that i was honing his skills of observation, a perfect game for a hot sunny afternoon.

p.s next time i might add some plastic balls to throw at the flyers.

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