Friday, 4 November 2011

Birthday Cakes - Friday Finds

yum yum yum

Ok so this week im cruising the net thinking about Flynns 4th birthday thats fast approaching and what kind of cake i should make. I like to make the cakes despite the fact that im just a very average baker. The womans weekly buttercake is a great cake to use as a base for birthdays or if im feeling really lazy i will go and get some sponge cake from the supermarket and pop some jam in the middle and diy the decorating. Its the decorating i enjoy. So im on the look out for an easy but impressive cake for a boy this is the inspiration i have found....i wish i could have all of these cakes, good thing they will have many more birthdays. I ahve included a few girl cakes too, i can dream.

road cake from cakes by caralin 

rainbow cake 1 from kidspot

rainbow cake 2 from baby lifestyles

apple cupcakes from ivillage

 (dream) castle cake from

Spider cupcakes from .taste
i think i could do this in spiderman colours and add a spiderman figure

lollipop garden from martha stewart

this is so cool, dinosaur from deshays desserts

Flynn like the car cake, im very open to ideas if you  have a great boy cake ideas please let me know :)
love sassy


  1. wow the rainbow cakes are cool - i like the dinosaur cake best :) x

  2. I love the rainbow cake. All of them are completely out of my skill level. My kids always get a plain old round cake decorated with lollies. I can't do anything fancy. My sister in law once made a soccer ball cake for her son, it was amazing.

  3. i agree the rainbow cakes are amazing! i would love to make one of those but i think it would take some practise maybe for eli's birthday that gives me till july! also mr fussy flynn has asked for dinosaur, think i might do dinosaur figurines eating lollipop trees. I am a realist i could never make the dinosaur in this post. but its nice to look at ;)



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