Tuesday, 1 November 2011

When are supermodels rubbish models? - only human on humpday

Video from you tube - "women in art"

When so supermodels make bad models? When they are art models. I don’t want to offend any supermodels that may be reading this but what you have to offer is just no good for art, your way way to thin for anything but an anatomy study of bones and your legs are comically long when put down on paper. Ok I may be going over the top but real life everyday women make superb art models. I see women all the time I think would make wonderful artist models; I’m never brave enough to suggest it as it would take most people off guard. Feel free if you know me or meet me go ahead and ask what it is about you that I would enjoy drawing.                                        

Anyway, I think we all know that fashion models and movie stars are enhanced, modified and photo-manipulated to fit a certain ideal of beauty. It’s not an achievable beauty, it’s a cruel and taunting beauty one that has stolen the confidence of so many women, and it’s a beauty that is so unkind it makes us question even the bits of ourselves that we like. I am no supermodel not by a long shot, my legs are long but not like Giselle, I’m thin but I’m no twig, my hair is healthy but apologetically wild, my eyes are bright but they aren’t movie star blue, but that’s ok because I know I make a good model -  A good art model.  

Last Wednesday I had a gig as an art model, something i do from time to time. I get paid to take my clothes off and I love it. This job rocks, because it is super peaceful unlike most of my life that’s noisy and busy and hectic. It also has the benefit of showing me something new every time about me, it’s my body through the eyes of someone else. It’s like putting rose tinted glasses on and examining yourself.  Artists make me look so lovely, soft and feminine and it has really changed how I think about myself. I’m not big headed I don’t think I’m an extra-ordinary beauty but I do think I’m beautiful.  I am grateful that after having 2 kids modelling restored my confidence when the mega machine corporate version of beauty was trying to stamp on it. I often look at other  women and see how beautiful they are, I have drawn many other women, i have been on the flip side of this equation and know that to be feminine and beautiful doesn’t mean you have to be any particular shape or look at all. Actually what beauty boils down to is how you look at something, it’s as the saying goes 'in the eye of the beholder'. I like the artist view because mostly they are looking for your beauty they are searching it out and doing their hardest to put what they see on the page. 

The women of art history are a varied bunch and they are hauntingly beautiful. We should look back and see ourselves in them and not compare ourselves to magazine covers at creatures who do not exist without Photoshop. Long live real bodies with curves and tummies! Hooray for women with interesting features, eyebrows, defined noses, thin lips, fat lips, freckles and quirky smiles. I for one don’t want the shifting face of a supermodel that can be shifted to suite a company; I want to look like me all the time, everyday. Next time you look in the mirror remember the women of art and say to yourself, “I am beauty”

This is a look at western women i would love in the future to take a look at beauty and different cultures, but i will save that for another humpday. Send me any ideas on this, and what is beauty to you?

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