Tuesday, 22 November 2011

Snow in the tropics - tuesday treasure

Late again sassy, tsk tsk, well thats what happens when your living in snotsville, coughing grumpy children are wearisome to the mum.

Ok so my Flynn has been saying that it will be christmas when it snows, poor child has no idea that it really will never snow here. Christmas will be 30 something degrees celcius that about 86 in farenheit. With some christmas's past having 90% humidity....yuk hot and sticky basically were living in warm soup. On tv he has seen that christmas and snow go hand in hand...."grandma, it will be christmas time when its snowing and santa hohoho man will come with presents!"
His heart is set on snow, so i have been thinking about how i could manufacture some snow for him. Whatching a grown up movie, 'i don't know how she does it' this week and seeing the snow fluttering down gave me a nice and easy idea - A Snowy Sticky Contact picture!!

So i Cut the sheet of contact in half, saving one bit for the top. I ripped up lots of white paper into tiny peices, i got out some cotton woll balls and musten't forget the glitter! So you place on peice of cantact on the table, take the paper off it and sprinkle your ripped up paper so it falls like snow, then we took our cotton balls and made little mounds in the corners, to look like snow setteling on the window sill. Then he glittered. Then very carefully i placed the other bit of contact over the top and flynn pressed it together so it stuck well.

Then i put it on his window...magic..he sat back and contemplated his snow. Im going to assume that meant he liked it, hes not as forthcoming with enthusiasm when hes got the flu.
love sassy

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  1. How creative is that? What a fun learning activity! Thank you for sharing your ideas with us on The Sunday Showcase



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