Thursday, 17 November 2011

moon dough - thinking cap thursday

I'm stealing a friends recipe its fantastic, Its called moon dough, although it reminds me more of sand, or scone mixture when your rubbing in the butter. Check out the post on Alicia's 365 moments of Gratitude. We made this today with plain flour and baby oil and a bit of green glitter, it smells really nice! First Flynn popped some stones in it, and then stomped his dino through it, then drove his cars in it. I clumped together a mountain and he smashed his cars into it, He crumbled some through a cardboard tube. Then after a food interval, called Flynn into my flower garden and we picked a few things, we then made a garden in the moon dough with a road for the cars to drive down, a bridge for the dinosaurs to cross so they could eat the flowers. All in all its great stuff, i put it into an ice cream container and we will play with it again tomorrow. Cheap and fun, my kinda play.

So what is he learning when he plays with moon dough? Its all the same sorts of skills as play dough, they learn about touch, this dough is crumbly and yet it moulds together. Like play dough its a tranquil and soothing activity, where they tend to concentrate really well. Admittedly Flynn really wanted company to play with it today but i can see that just the age hes at. Its a great medium for story telling too. So thanks Alicia we really like it x x love sassy

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  1. Very cute! I love that you added the glitter - so much more fun that way =) I am your newest follower, I'd love for you to follow me back, if you want to. Thanks for linking up to tGIF! Don't forget to add the TGIF button to your post or sidebar so others can find the party & link up too =-) Have a GREAT thanksgiving... see you next week,
    Beth =-)

  2. ah, glitter a fave around here! It jazzes up everything even moon sand! I have yet to try it but it looks so fun - great texture!

    Thanks for linking your idea to the Sunday Showcase last week. Hope to see you this week!


  3. I keep hearing about moon dough, but haven't tried it yet. Sounds like the kids would love it. Thanks for sharing!



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