Wednesday, 23 November 2011

10:22 what do i know ? - only human on humpday

Also Flynn has turned into luke skywalker, i am 'dark vader' no point in saying im not,
 because yes you are mummy your a naughty guy

Hey everyone, well in sassy land its 10.22 on Wednesday night, its stinking hot and my husband asks me tonight if its really hot i say yes, he says ill be back soon...grabs his keys and disappears for 20mins. Im thinking nice of him to let me know where hes going. He returns with a large box, inside the box is a whopping great big fan. This fan looks like something you could fly a small aeroplane with, its industrial and my head is screaming, "we don't have any money what the f*^*& have you bought!!!!". He puts it together, looking very pleased with himself, and turns it on. Hmmm fantastic, it sounds like a jet engine, i can't think straight its so loud, hubby "oh yeah babe that is fairly loud huh, but its cool" so this summer i will be cool, slightly windswept looking and deaf. Speak up if you see me soon.
mumma pick me up im sick face. be thankful you can't here the noise

What else is going on in sassy land? snot fevers and a cough a smoker could be proud to claim. The kiddies are sick, im exhausted, i know how the mother koala feels at the zoo with its babies clinging onto her for dear life. My house that normally looks like a bombs gone off in it looks like its been through the blitz, bombed numerous times and its really to hot to fix it. Don't mention the fact that its messy as i may bite your head off, Tortoise can attests to that. While im at it how come the previous owners of this 'interesting' house never put fly screens in? oh yeah probably the same reason they had mirror tiles in the dinning room and green vinyl wallpaper in the office nook. The Flys are planning on caring me away, i suggested we put up the plastic strip curtain thingies they have in the doorways of your corner stores, he was horrified, so looks like im waging war on the flys solo. Do you think i can turn killing flys with a flyswatter into a game for my kids? that idea has potential, course they will probably end up smacking each other and me with them.

As a side effect of my kids sickness, i have been a little grouchy. So i am trying to take some time for myself and let go a bit more, i have been painting in my studio tonight and yesterday. Re working an old shell painting, and doing a frivolous lyrics painting. Yay for art it helps sooth the cranky beast. I have also been making plans to have fun with friends. Is it wrong to be looking forward to boxing day as much or slightly more than Christmas? photo-playdates, crazy get in touch with the inner child playdate, and shopping trip without my kiddies...yes definitely things to look forward to. Now kids you have been issued with a warning, get better soon, or mummies going to lose her mind waiting to do some fun stuff.
brain failing to work any longer, going to crawl into bed. night night hope your having an interesting and snot free week, and if your husband tells you hes just popping out for a bit, for heavens sake ask what for.
love sassy

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