Wednesday, 26 October 2011

I heart Black and White photography - only human on humpday

Take time out to be you!
Hey photography was the thing I wanted to major in at art school when I went. I ended up taking a different path when I got into my course, but I still love photography. Yesterday I took some time for me, I went around my backyard and fooled around with my digital camera on the manual settings changing iso and so froth, working in the monochrome setting, to see if i still had an eye for it. I think my photography eye is a little rusty but I really really enjoyed thinking about what was around me that would be good for a black and white shot. Taking photos is something that I do all the time, I think I'm going to shoot more in manual and less in auto from now on, providing I'm not too mummy brain fried.
I welcome critique on these x  sassy

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