Monday, 3 October 2011

Paper planes

Paper Planes
My son loves to play with paper planes. So far this sort of style has had the most flying success. Sometimes i dont fold the nose, sometimes i make the flaps bigger all to see if we can get a longer smoother flight path. We have discovered that digby dog loves to fetch the planes back espec and daddy likes to join in. Dylan also coloured his plane in. We had a good wet afternoon activity that all ages enjoyed :)
this is my plane design ;
A4 piece of paper fold in half along the longest edge.
open fold back up into A4, then fold left corner into centre fold
fold right corner into centre fold
then fold right hand corner in half again

fold left hand corner in half again
now fold the plane in half thru your first center fold again
fold closest side in half
turn the plane over fold next wing
sometimes i stop now and fly plane and sometimes i continue with a few more folds;
fold up wing flaps both sides so turn over and repeat
open up and nose fold
fold back in half encourage your wings And flaps to sit nicely
test flight, good luck :)
would love to see your paper planes

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