Wednesday, 5 October 2011

expand - a - map

Oh My the maps have exploded all over my lounge room floor!!!

1 roll of sticky tape, coloured paper and go for it, take over your house. This was road tested today and I am hailing it a big success! and this is staying for the rest of the week. I think my Tortoise would have likes this as a kid, "that's awesome babe" and then he handed over more masking tape from his work stash :) We moved the little fires around and sent the fire truck to work. Little Eli and I dug up the road, much smirking on his part. We have the street carpet and I struck out our roads from that, I think the boys always love it when an activity fills a large space they claim the house as theirs. As a little sassy girl used to drive my big brother nuts covering the back patio in chalk roads and houses with little people and cars....2nd childhood it's just as fun.
ps. after the boys had really played with it cars were everywhere!!!!!!

Awsome idea came from this super cool post I saw via  the imagination tree linkup, from kinderpendent.

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