Monday, 24 October 2011

Black Week

So the idea of celebrating one colour for an entire week came to me earlier in the year when i wrote a list of 35 things i wanted to do before i turn 35. I was going to add wearing red lipstick for a whole week as one of my things to do and then i thought, why not push my love of red one step further and celebrate red in all kinds of ways for whole week. We had so much fun celebrating red that on the third day my little guy Flynn came up to me all serious and asked if we could have black week next week. I said that we could have a black week but we might give it a little while so we can come up with some ideas. So time flys and Halloween seemed like a good time to make the most of the colour black, and here we are the week before Halloween enjoying black, Flynn's favourite colour. Its good for both of our skills in observation, imagination and it is definitely a cheering the soul thing to do. So this week when you see something black think of us and hop onto the face book page and post us a pic of your cool black thing.

love sassy

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