Sunday, 16 October 2011

egg carton spiders

Egg carton spiders
require; egg carton (bumpy part), paint & paint brushes, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, scissors, craft knife, skewers or something pointy to poke holes and glue that dries clear.
Cut out each individual bump/cup from the egg carton with craft knife, trim any long bits so they sit evenly.
Poke 8 holes in each egg cup for spider legs with a skewer or point of scissors or large needle, you can either do this now or once they are painted.
Paint ea. cup your desired spider colours and allow to dry.
Glue eyes on, Dylan glued his on top around the side and some very random. Depending on what you do with them would influence where you put the eyes if your going to hang them put them where you can see them, if your going to have them upside down attached by their legs put eyes on top, do you get my drift? You might just put a thread attached through the top and have the children play with them then it doesn't really matter where the eyes are. allow glue to dry.
If you haven't already poked holes do so now and poke pipe cleaners through fold on inside of egg cup, you could glue the legs down now too to make them more robust.
Now you could thread a cotton through the top on a needle attached underneath with a knot if you like for the child to hold the spider. I plan to make a web and attach the spiders by their legs near our steps for Halloween as we are a very small community and the kids do come around trick or treating which is not the norm in NZ.
It's Playtime at hands on : as we grow


  1. They turned out great! We did egg carton ants years ago for "a" week, but I think I love the spiders even more. I found your post through the Playtime linky. Thank you for sharing.

  2. fun and I love all the eyes - the way most spiders actually are! we crafted and learned about spiders last week!

    Would love for you to share on my sunday showcase linky party -




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