Sunday, 2 October 2011

Taste exploration

We do a lot of cooking with Dylan (Daddy used to be a chef) and he asks a lot of questions when we are in the kitchen. I was trying to explain what bitter was when we were talking about an ingredient, so i set up a little taste test for Dylan.
Lemon = sour
salt = salt
sugar = sweet
angustora bitters = bitter
These tastes are key in tasting your cooking.
I set up 4 shot glasses & put a small amount of each lemon, sugar, salt & bitters. (I couldnt think of any other bitter taste that i had handy, except expensive saffron).
Dylan dipped his finger in each one and described them for me, we talked about how you taste certain flavours of different areas of the tongue & taste buds while doing this also.
I think this helped as he has talks about sour a lot and also talks about spicy (pepper) which was one flavour i hadnt thought of adding to the taste test.

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