Friday, 7 October 2011

where is my sanity?

Dear Sanity,

Today I lost you a little bit sweet sanity. I lost you for a moment, ok more than a moment.  I shouted and I screamed, I cried and I tantrumed like a child. Mother of the year I was not. Every button was pushed my patience deserted me too, where has calm and level headed me gone? Every thing I did seemed to fall apart nothing worked smoothly. Then that was it the day was spoilt my nerves could not be untangled I had irritation lurking under my skin. What can I do to reclaim my self, where is my sanity hiding? I know its around here somewhere, ill write a list of the things that keep me sane, ill work through the list and perhaps find my sanity again. But it will have to wait because I should be asleep it's nearly pumpkin hour.  must remember to add get more sleep to my list.

please come back to me dearest sanity, I miss you terribly

love Sassy

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