Monday, 12 September 2011


1 cup of pure soap flakes ( lux flakes) dissolved in 2 litres of boiling water in a bucket, 1/2 hour to set.
Get as creative as you like, I got a whole bunch of different size containers, some food colouring, glitter, stars, and hundreds & thousands.
I poured the soap mix into the the containers, and then added different colours and in some of the containers i also put glitter in some stars, & hundreds & thousands, essential oils in others.
kitchen utensils e.g. sieve, whisk, cup, spoon, egg slicer, chop stick, brush etc.
The first time when i did slime for D he was 1, it took him ages to touch it he pushed it around with a chopstick eventually hopping into the baby bath with it.
i set up some other ingredients to play with e.g. bicarb, vinegar, cornflour, lemon.
D had a full afternoon with slime, first he mixed up a batch using all his ingredients, commenting on the colour changes and his cooking methods - he was baking me a cake. He tipped out the batch onto a tray, then onto the bricks and had a wonderful time smooshing it intro the bricks.
after a recess & snack the slime got all mixed into one big mass, then some made mud for his 4wd to drive through.
Then a couple of cups of slime got put into the bath to bath in. It gave the shark and crocodile plenty to do. It turned quite black but dont fret afterall it is just soap. :D

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