Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Skirt-ing Around

I have made somethings for myself in last few week! I mostly sew for little people so this was really nice feel like I have spoiled myself. 3 skirts all long and so so so comfy the green floral is inspired by delia creates blog post i like stripes. I bought the thickets elastic possible in my local craft store and used this great floral soft cotton thats been in the fabric box for ages. I love it  

So then I made this maxi skirt from sew much ado go over and read the instructions you can make this! Best part, its made to fit you, I love it so much I made 2, when i find some more strech fabric I want i will be making another, my wardrobe is so much better with these additions. I used to be afraid of stech fabric but strech needles in my machine and some great projects like this one have totally sold me, strech fabric is great stuff and not even scary. And yeah I know the pics below are not brilliant, one serious I'm over this camera timer stuff face and one what are you kids doing face and hand gesture, but that real life for you.

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