Saturday, 10 September 2011

model magic crayola stuff

I grabbed some of this crayola model magic stuff, I was going to buy air drying clay but thought this might be better as it was already coloured. Its really foamy, lightweight and totally mailable like play dough. It air drys (24hours) I was expecting it to go really hard like clay but its more like rubber. I put down baking paper to protect the table but it didn't stick or leave any residue at all. We made beads, but if i buy it again I would just let them make animals or Christmas decorations because it easily breakable and wont stand the wear and tear Flynn's necklace is going to cop, he keep squishing them and cracking the beads. Still hes very pleased with the results and he had a fun time squishing the colours together, colours he chose, next time I might not choose such clashing colours. Its interesting stuff.

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