Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Preschool Style Bottle Rockets

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, launch
Ok take a soft drink bottle or juice bottle, pop some stickers on for windows, cut some triangles then snip in the middle of the longest side a cm cut, fold in opposite directions and stick tape the wings to the bottom of the rocket. Sticky tape some wrapping string or fabric leftovers or ribbon on the bottom in flame-ish colours, this helps with the whooshing effect.  Kids can fill bottle with sequins, little balls of alfoil, glitter, pom poms whatever you like really. In one bottle each boy got tiny drip of washing up liquid and about 1 ½ cups of water, in the other bottle they got about ¼ cup of baby oil and the rest of the bottle filled up with water. Some food colouring was added to both, lids secured tightly and then taped up so little people don’t consume what’s inside.  Shake up and see the different kinds of bubbles.  We then launched ours down the slide.

 Recycling plastic bottles is a great cheap toy; you can also make noisy ones with coloured rice or barley, lentils or split peas. We have a big container that sits in outside full of interesting combinations. Eli likes throwing them about, Flynn uses them as fuel to fill up his ride on cars. A yellow dish liquid one got taken to the shops yesterday it was “Spiderman’s kaboom bottle”  “you push the button on the top mum and kaboom spider webs whoosh whoosh out” see so many uses, great imaginative play.

ps. thanks Alicia for teaching me the joy a plastic bottle can bring to small ones x

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