Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Making do

 cake in the convection oven

We got ourselves a 70's house that hasn't had any maintenance on it since the 70's, lots of work ahead of us! as we haven't got the money to renovate it all in one hit like the renovation shows i watch sigh, we tackle bits in drips and drabs. When we moved in the oven had had a fire in it and didn't work, and the hotplates had one temperature really hot burn everything setting. Tortoise managed to get a free oven for me that works and he took out the hot plates to put this temporary solution in however i am waiting to have it electrically wired in. So I currently have no oven or stove top, I'm making do cooking on the BBQ in the microwave. I am lucky that my friend Anna gave me her old slow cooker and my father in law bought us a convection oven that sits on my bench top. I have to say its difficult and I'm struggling to come up with dinner ideas every night, but out of this i have learnt how to cook a roast dinner. Outrageous i know that i reached 30 before i ever cooked a roast, but you see I'm a veggie and it appeared rather tricky, turns out not so tricky and tortoise loves it I'm just going to take his word for it. Making do always makes me grateful for the little things and i have something to look forward too. It also pushes you to think laterally and that's always good for the creative person in me. But hubby if your reading this i still want the temp oven hooked up asap please. 

hubbys sense of humour on broken oven
 any ideas what i can make for dinner?

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