Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Painted Origami Lanterns

What to do with colouring in or paintings???? Make pretty origami!

I wanted to spice up Eli’s night light, currently a string of fairy lights. I was surfing around on the web and saw some pretty party origami lanterns on fairy lights, challenge accepted. I looked at 2 videos on how to fold them, not too tricky for this origami spas I then had 2 attempts on a bit of scrap paper. I looked at the stack of paper we already had but most of it was done on cardboard and I thought it would be too thick. So Flynn and I made some papers. I pre-cut the paper to squares, them I drew with pen some sea related patterns, I then highlighted bits with crayons especially the white crayon to get the wax resist magic for Flynn. I watered down some food colouring in a cupcake baking tray, and we set to work spreading the colour over the crayon. I let it dry and then I started folding the lanterns the last bit where you blow into it so it expands out, is fantastic! Then you take your little paper balloons and pop your twinkle lights into the hole that you breathed into, they stay on really well, till your 1 year old yanks at them.

 I am so impressed they look really pretty and Eli was impressed too. When he saw them there was a lot of baby natter and pointing until I took him to them he was so smiley and pleased and that makes me pleased it was worth it. These would look great for a party, and they would definitely work with any drawings or paintings you already have on paper, but if you want to do it as a special activity glitter paint would look fantastic and or some thinner paper like rice paper. There are also stunning origami papers available, or wrapping papers. Happy folding.  

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  1. BEAUTIFUL!! I love the colours and the originality of the idea :-)



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