Monday, 15 August 2011

balloon play idea

A great little play idea, I have never met a kid that didn’t like balloons and when I need a sanity moment like I did this Sunday this is one way I occupy the littlies. I blow up a dozen balloons tie a length of string to each one and masking tape them just above a doorway. Kiddies can whack them, run through them, look through them and I got Flynn to find different colours and count how many he could find in that colour. I blew some big and some small and I got Flynn to find different sizes too. It was perfect little game for Eli who has just started to walk he loved being able to grab the balloons and bash them. When the interest in the balloons began to dissipate I got out some office supply stickers and the sticky tape, Flynn made faces and Eli peeled stickers (he tried to eat some too).  After they finished I moved them to Flynn’s bedroom and he can have a pretend birthday party with some toys later in the week.  When bath time rocked around Flynn asked if he could take a balloon in the bath, they had a lovely time holding the balloons under the water and releasing them with a whoosh. Last year Flynn had an emergency trip to the doctor when his eye swelled up due to an allergic reaction to something, he was very very sad that his eye was “broken” and to cheer him up I filled his bed with balloons he thought this was fantastic it cheered him up immensely. I often have a balloon or two stashed in my purse for emergency play moment if you get stuck somewhere waiting they are a sanity saver. I love simple classic play things.

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