Monday, 8 August 2011

Cozy Car Caddie from blog Handmade by Jill

I made 2 of these car caddies I saw on Handmade by Jill, mine are not as accomplished sewing wise, but my boys LOVE them, Eli's only 1 and he is already a rev head so a perfect project for boys. Make your own by following her tutorial here. Eli's was a first birthday present and it's got a beach theme, Flynn’s was made to occupy him on a very long car trip from cairns to Rockhampton (we took 2 days). Today I updated Flynn's as it was a bit basic with just the roads a traffic light and a pond, now it has lift the flap buildings that are on fire (thanks to the hot glue gun). He has an obsession with all thing fire-fighter and rescue orientated. It was popular and useful when we went out before I think with the extra features it's going to be a massive hit, and definitely a sanity saver.

Check out the great blog handmade by Jill

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