Sunday, 7 August 2011

Flynn's Bright Dinos

A while ago I got Flynn to paint some canvases for his bedroom it took 3 sessions of painting to get the canvases as filled up as I wanted. The less white space left the better for this project.  He was encouraged to use crayons paint glitter and to really go for it with enthusiasm. I have three others that I have left intact they are beautiful abstract pictures that I will put up in the house but for his room I wanted something a bit more boyish.  Dinosaurs was the obvious answer for him, but this would work equally well for any silhouette.  I asked his permission first before I altered his paintings then I drew out some dinosaurs and painted the background white. It took 2 layers of white to cover the colourful paintings, and it was slow going around the edges but I’m really happy with the results. I will take a photo when they get hung, must hassle tortoise about that this week. I am working on a tute about this that will work out even if your kids are past the abstract painting stage, or you could do for yourself.  


  1. i cant seem to comment thru my google account, but can coment as its a start i will get there in the end patience & perserverance..... x noni x



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