Friday, 5 August 2011

My Ice Header ... an ordinary moment of inspiration

What is up with the wintery header??? I know I know, I live in the tropics we don't have propper winters. This winter has been much more wintery than last years winter of 2 weeks. My jumpers have got a bit of use this year, all of them are cotton jumpers my wool jumpers are buried in a suitecase dorment dreaming of france where they got worn on a regular basis. So I feel my wintery pic fits with our actual winter this year instead of the bypass winters we normally get. but really its a snapshot I had to take, last month I got a frozen meal out of the fridge and thats what was on the lid, a delicate little ice world I just had to photograph it. I went into photoshop and vamped up the colour and contrast and the photo looks as magic.
It originally looked like this ....  I knew it would work with a tweek

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